Operate a fleet, but can't afford a fleet manager? 
Now your fleet costs are rising and impacting your profitability 
On average Telematics Pro will save your business £65* per vehicle per month 
Top 5 reasons your costs are rising... 
Poor driver behaviour 
Fuel prices are increasing 
Insurance costs are rising 
Roads are busier, heavier traffic, increased risk of accidents and job failure 
Missed vehicle services lead to less efficient vehicles and increased risk of breakdown 
Here’s 5 things we will do to help you reduce your costs 
Analyse driver behaviour and identify where improvements can be made, providing you with hints and tips on how to positively engage with drivers to produce the best results. 
Measure MPG and the impact of driver behaviour, seasonal trends and traffic conditions across your fleet. 
Increase positive driver behaviour to make improvements in safety and reduce risk of accidents, improving your insurance claim profile and reducing premiums. 
Through a tracking solution provide real time visibility of your fleet, enabling better informed decisions leading to improved productivity. 
Manage vehicle maintenance schedules so you never miss another service, keeping your vehicles on the road and operating at optimum performance. 
On average this will save your business £65* per vehicle per month. 
We make all our decisions based on tried and tested methods and strategies, keeping you informed, up to date and one step ahead of the competition. 
See How You Can Benefit... 
Reduce administration and free up your time 
Improve fleet MPG by up to 20% 
Reduce risk and accidents leading to a safer fleet and lower insurance premiums 
Cameras mean you will never have a 50/50 insurance claim again 
Complete more jobs in a day 
Never worry about missing another vehicle maintenance service 
Improve timeliness and accuracy of driver mileage claims 
Know which vehicle makes and models perform best for your business 
Don’t listen to us, listen to the results! 
Read the case studies on how telematics is supporting businesses through reducing costs and improving efficiency across fleet management. 
Guaranteed results 
Telematics solutions give fleet operators data that will enable them to operate their fleet more efficiently. At Telematics Pro we guarantee the information we provide you each month will give you the means to save money. If this is not apparent we will refund you the last months fee. 
We will bench mark fleet performance to gain a baseline insight into operations, develop a plan and set measurable targets over the next 12 months. 
We are passionate about results. Our team of dedicated analysts proactively monitor and measure the performance of your fleet. Weekly fleet reports provide valuable insight into performance and track success against agreed targets, while mission critical alerts will be sent to you in real time. 
Telematics Pro guarantee client satisfaction and will return the last months fee if this is not occurring. 
Want to find out more about how Telematics Pro can help your business? 
Here are the 6 steps we recommend you follow: 
1. Call Ben Peters on 0800 043 2028 for a no obligation chat about your circumstances. 
2. Ben will advise you on how Telematics Pro can benefit you. 
3. If your interest is sustained we will arrange a meeting to gather information about your business. 
4. With the relevant information gathered we will work with you to model a Fleet Management Plan (FMP) 
5. Providing the FMP shows that your fleet will respond profitably to Telematics Pro services a programme can be set. 
6. With agreements made and fees arranged your Telematics Pro Fleet Management Programme will start immediately 

GPS Vehicle Tracking 

We supply and install dashcams & vehicle GPS tracking solutions. Telematics Pro is a broker working with several indistry leading brands. We are able to offer our clients variety and choice. From simple tracking solutions, to onboard cameras and integrated workflow software we have a solution for all.  

Data Analysis 

The success of Telematics often relies on being able to review the data and identify trends. We understand many businesses do not have time or resource to review the data. With our fixed price monthly management service, we do the hard work for you.  
*Savings based on fuel, maintenance, insurance, time and accidents. Results may vary. 
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