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5 minutes with Ben Peters from Telematics Pro…

Here, Managing Director Ben Peters covers many of the common questions and potential misconceptions that some Fleet Managers often have about vehicle tracking.

Key Features

  • Live, web-based vehicle tracking for access anytime, anywhere
  • Vehicle tracking using high quality mapping including satellite and street view
  • Journey trails and replays
  • Find my nearest vehicle and job dispatch tools
  • Driver behaviour monitoring as standard
  • Points of Interest, Barred Locations and Geo Zones
  • Comprehensive reporting suite with ad hoc and automated reports
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Increase driver productivity / jobs per day
  • Improve driving behaviour
  • Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use
  • Verify timesheets and overtime claims
  • Improve customer response times
  • Reduce Co2 and environmental impact
  • Increase vehicle security 
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Duty of Care and HMRC legislative compliance

Why Telematics Pro?

Independent Telematics Company

We're Independent

Impartial and practical advice on a wide range of solutions from across the market providing flexibility, choice and variety to our customers

Easy To Do Business With

Easy To Do Business With

We take the hassle out of the buying process. Deal with one point of contact for all your fleet tracking requirements
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Safety Focused

We intrinsically understand driving at work regulations and the Road Traffic Act. Our safety-first approach reduces risk and increases profitability
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Value For Money

We pride ourselves on our value proposition. We guarantee best prices in the UK and challenge you to find a better deal.


Telematics solutions give fleet operators data that will enable them to operate their fleet more efficiently. At Telematics Pro we guarantee the information we provide you each month will give you the means to save money. If this is not apparent we will refund you the last months fee.

We will bench mark fleet performance to gain a baseline insight into operations, develop a plan and set measurable targets over the next 12 months.

We are passionate about results. Our team of dedicated analysts proactively monitor and measure the performance of your fleet. Weekly fleet reports provide valuable insight into performance and track success against agreed targets, while mission critical alerts will be sent to you in real time.

Telematics Pro guarantee client satisfaction and will return the last months fee if this is not occurring.

The software is a valuable tool for us. We have workers in vehicles on their own in remote locations. It is therefore important from a lone worker protection angle. Over and above that we utilise the software to ensure our strict speeding policies are adhered to, as well as reducing idling time. This has benefits in terms of accident reduction, insurance premiums and reduction in our fuel costs.

Elaine Ashton - Finance Manager at JSD Research & Development

We have worked closely to implement a tracking solution that meets our exact operational needs. The exceptional support means we can streamline our processes using the tracking service to reduce administration, while targeting service improvements now and in the future.

Jamie MacGregor - Director at Ross-Shire Engineering

We now have Units in every commercial vehicle on our fleet. We can see increases in productivity as a result of the software in numerous areas. More jobs per day or increased number of chargeable hours on site per day due to increased visibility of fleet. We can clearly demonstrate billable hours to our clients, increasing trust and generating new revenue.

David Grouse – Commercial Director at MEL (Holdings) Ltd

The box has helped us improve our driving behaviour and the ease of the system enables us to quickly get information to our vehicles whereabouts.

Mat Coombes at ERH Communication / Centregreat Limited

This system has provided real benefits to our fleet operation, resulting in operating efficiencies and an enhanced service to our customers

Geoff Dyson, ICOM Field Operations Team Manager at Yorkshire Water

The tracking system has already contributed to driving down our fuel costs and we expect to achieve further business and operational benefits moving forward.

John Todd, Sunderland City Council

We are pleased with the results that have been achieved and anticipate even greater improvements and wider benefits in the future as the solution becomes embedded within our business and operational processes. The system forms an essential aspect of our overall efficiency programme

Thames Water

We selected the system because of the ease-of-use and its ability to add significant return on investment in terms of increased operational control and enhanced service for our customers

Sefton Council

5 things we’ll do to help you reduce your costs

  • Analyse driver behaviour and identify where improvements can be made, providing you with hints and tips on how to positively engage with drivers to produce the best results.
  • Measure MPG and the impact of driver behaviour, seasonal trends and traffic conditions across your fleet.
  • Increase positive driver behaviour to make improvements in safety and reduce risk of accidents, improving your insurance claim profile and reducing premiums.
  • Through a tracking solution provide real time visibility of your fleet, enabling better informed decisions leading to improved productivity.
  • Manage vehicle maintenance schedules so you never miss another service, keeping your vehicles on the road and operating at optimum performance.
On average this will save your business £65* per vehicle per month

*Savings based on fuel, maintenance, insurance, time and accidents. Results may vary. 


How much will telematics save my business?
Telematics typically cuts crash-related costs by 50-70% and can reduce fuel usage up to 30%. Customers also report up to 10% lower maintenance costs and extended vehicle life. Long term sustainable savings are achieved through better process, improved brand image and reduce risk exposure.
How soon will we see savings?
As soon as you start using telematics, the savings begin through improved driving performance. Telematics delivers immediate cost savings and a positive ROI within the first two to three months.
Why is driver performance important to my business?
Research shows that negative driving behaviour contributes to over 90% of vehicle crashes and accounts for up to 33% of fuel consumption. Negative driving behaviour also impacts wear and tear on the vehicle and contributes to maintenance costs.
Will telematics reduce my insurance costs?
Insurers want to see a proactive approach to driver behaviour management. Telematics provides a platform that enables businesses to establish a robust and proactive policy to manage driver behaviour and produce long term safety improvements. Small reductions may be available immediately with larger reductions achieved over time in relation to performance improvements. In all cases we encourage our customers to engage with their insurers at the earliest convenience possible.
How is risky driver behaviour measured?
Telematics algorithms use high fidelity accelerometer and GPS data to measure and analyse how the vehicle is being driven. Telematics assesses driving performance for many types of driving events. The driving events are classified as low, medium or harsh depending on the severity of the forces acting on the vehicle during the event. The real-time assessment takes into account the characteristics of the vehicle (e.g.: vehicle type, size, configuration) and can be further fine-tuned to address your fleet’s driving conditions and policies.
How much will telematics save my business? What types of manoeuvres can telematics detect?
Telematics analyses 150 driving manoeuvres and translates them to risky driving events in four categories: speeding, cornering, braking, and acceleration. In addition, telematics also captures and reports on idling events and idling performance.
How much will telematics save my business? Can vehicle locations be viewed live online?
Yes, vehicle location can be viewed “live” at any time. There are also details such as vehicle identifier, speed, and direction. You always know where your vehicles are and where they are headed.
How does telematics keep me updated about my fleet?

Telematics is here to keep you constantly updated on your business and fleet:

Real-time Email Alerts: Stay in the know where ever you are. Always know what is going on with your fleet, drivers and vehicles alike, with easy to set up alerts. Fully customisable, these alerts keep you informed about critical events, such as vehicle misuse, vehicle health issues, safety events, and more.

Dashboards and Reports: Monitor fleet performance trends and share reports across your entire organisation.

Mobile Access: Manage your fleet any time and from any desktop or mobile device.

Who has access to reports and analysis?
Telematics data is for both managers and drivers. Drivers see only their own information; managers see information for everyone on their teams. Telematics also provides email reports delivered to your inbox daily or weekly, covering the information and analysis that meets your fleet’s specific needs.
What if our vehicles have more than one driver?
If multiple drivers use a particular vehicle in your organisation, we have several options for driver ID solutions. Contact us to determine the solution to meet your needs.
What if we don’t want to track our drivers outside of business hours?
This is a common question and one that causes concern in many businesses. There are several options available to businesses, with the simplest being a privacy switch installed within the cabin of the vehicle to allow the driver to switch from business to private mode. Contact us to determine the solution to meet your needs.
What is the minimum contact term?
We suggest a minimum contract term of 24 months to all customers. This period allows businesses to establish a programme that delivers optimum benefits and analyse year on year improvements. Contact us to discuss alternate contract terms.

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